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General data protection regulation (GDPR)

Tao Life Coach

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies from 25 May 2018. This means that from that date the same privacy legislation will apply throughout the European Union (EU). The Personal Data Protection Act (Wbp) will then no longer apply. What does this change mean for you as a customer of Tao Life Coach?

The GDPR strengthens the position of those involved (in this case your position as a customer of Tao Life Coach). You get new privacy rights and your existing rights become stronger. Organizations that process personal data, such as Tao Life Coach, will have more obligations. More than in the past, the emphasis is on the responsibility of organizations to demonstrate that we comply with the law. Naturally, Tao Life Coach will also fulfill its obligations.

Privacy Policy

How we handle your data is laid down in these privacy regulations.

Right to protection of personal data

We record your personal information to enable proper guidance. You are entitled to protection of that data.

The law provides, among other things:
• Who has access to your data;
• How long the data will be kept;
• To whom your data is provided;
• How your data is secured.

Furthermore, these regulations stipulate that:
• We do not record more information about you than is strictly necessary;
• We treat your data confidentially;
• Only those involved in the counseling are aware of your situation;
• We do not give information to others without your permission;
• You can request us to correct, supplement or delete your data;
• You can request that your file be destroyed when your counseling has ended.


Your data will be recorded in one central file by your contact person of Tao Life Coach. The file contains, among other things, the family plan / action plan and information and / or notes (reports) on the care provided. If there is guidance from the WMO, the file will contain a support plan and the action plan and information and / or notes (reports) on the guidance that has been carried out. Information that has been requested with your permission from, for example, other care providers or the general practitioner, are also recorded here. All parties involved have an independent professional secrecy or a duty of confidentiality.

Quality improvement

Your data may be used in the context of quality improvement. Quality must be measured consistently, it is a legal obligation for all institutions in the care and welfare sector to comply with the Quality Act. An example of this is a file investigation into a new working method or a newly introduced method, with the aim of assessing and improving supervision and one's own performance.

Financial administration

A limited number of data from your file is used for financial administration.

Scientific research and statistics

Your permission is required if your data is used for scientific research or statistics. Your permission is not required if data is used that cannot be traced back to you.

Provision of data


Insofar as this is relevant / legal requirement for your guidance or for the continuation of the assistance elsewhere, data will be provided to other care providers, unless you explicitly object to this.

Family members

Data will only be provided to your family members if you give permission for this.

If family members or friends are present during conversations / contacts with your supervisor, we automatically assume that they are allowed to hear the information that is exchanged, unless you indicate otherwise.

Security of your data

Tao Life Coach ensures that your file is securely stored digitally, that the data is not lost and does not end up in unauthorized hands. Employees or colleagues are expected to only see your data that is necessary for your guidance.

Retention period

In principle, your data will not be kept longer than legally required. The general retention period is fifteen years, but can also be longer. If an appeal is made to the right of cancellation (see below), the retention period may be shorter.

Right to access and copy

You have the right to view your data and you can request a copy of your data. Tao Life Coach will comply with this request within two weeks, unless this conflicts with the privacy interest of someone else. Tao Life Coach does not charge any costs for accessing your data.

Right to supplement, correction and blocking

If your personal data is factually incorrect or the purpose for which your data was collected is irrelevant, you can ask the supervisor to correct it within 4 weeks. This right relates to 'facts', data such as name and date of birth, about which in general there can be no difference of opinion. The right to request correction is not intended to correct personal data consisting of professional impressions, opinions and conclusions with which you disagree. You can ask to add a statement about the data you have issued to the file. We always comply with such a request.

Right to data portability

Tao Life Coach ensures that you can easily obtain your data and then pass it on to another organization if you wish. As a customer you can also submit complaints to the AP (authority personal data) about the way Tao Life Coach handles your data. The AP is obliged to handle these complaints.

Right to erasure and destruction

You can ask Tao Life Coach to destroy (part of) your data. A request for destruction of data will be executed within three months, unless Tao Life Coach makes it plausible that the retention of the data is of considerable importance to someone else, or because a legal provision prohibits destruction.


If you believe that the provisions of these regulations are not being complied with or if you have other reasons for complaint, you should contact Tao Life Coach. The responsible party will handle the complaint in accordance with the applicable complaints procedure. We are affiliated with the complaints and disputes settlement scheme of 'er something went'.

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